Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 24, 2007

In BOICE MAIL this week...

"Pic" of the week:

A punctured water balloon shot with high speed photography (1000 frames/sec). These tests were conducted to “get preliminary insight into the rupture of water balloons in a low-gravity environment”. Why we need this kind of research might be more enlightening than the photo itself. If you would like to see movies of “water balloons in space”, go to:

Headline Mortgage News:

Big price cuts from home builders. The nations 15 larges home builders have nearly $8 billion in debt. They are doing what’s necessary to move their inventory. Check this article from the International Herald Tribune:

Tax Shelter…or just “shelter”? It might be wise to think of the place where you live as a “home”, not an “investment”. This Newsweek article broaches the concerns of many of today’s homeowners:

Too much house, not enough income – Those who thought the “dark side” would never appear in residential real estate would never happen, may be going through what is described in this article called “How to lose your home in a few easy steps”. Source msnbc News:

How long with the housing woes last? According to this article, the “U.S. Housing Decline Threatens to Last Into 2009”

Real business in a Virtual world; You’ve probably heard of “The Sims Online”. Maybe your kids access “Disney’s Toontown”. But have your ever heard of “Second Life”, “There” or “Cybertown”? Businesses are beginning to stake out their claim in these cyber worlds which are becoming more than just a place for role-playing “gamers”. See this report from The Conference Board:

Thought for the Week:

"A mind once stretched by new thoughts can never regain its original shape."
Albert Einstein

Not as bad as it looks! This is just one scary tattoo. This bizarre photo was found at:

How to keep more of your own paycheck

Do you…Skype? The popularity of this popular “Voice over IP” phone system has it price. It has been targeted by several “Trojans”, “worms”, etc. according to this article in,1759,2200670,00.asp

Phone companies charging fees to not use long distance
Do you need yet another reason to dump the three monopoly phone companies -- Verizon, AT&T and Qwest -- and their outdated landlines? Well, here it is: Verizon is playing dirty pool by getting into the AT&T game of charging customers a fee for long distance even if you don't use long distance. The Verizon fee is a couple of bucks a month, but AT&T had been charging people between three and five dollars to not use long distance! So unless you absolutely need a landline, why not liberate yourself? Here's the problem the phone companies are facing: They fought very hard to be able to sell long distance, but then people started using their cell phones, pre-paid cards, the Internet and/or cable phone companies to make their long distance calls. In fact, the cable companies usually offer unlimited long distance. So now the monopoly phone companies are fighting a losing battle.

Drying your razor blades extends shelf life
Studies show that if you just dry your inexpensive razor after use it can last up to a year!

And now, for this week's fun freebies!

CA Anti-Virus, plus CA Anti-Spyware 2008 – AVP08LNC03E
$0.00 ($45 minus 2 rebates at
Detects viruses, spyware and other online threats

And finally, Appraise That!

Dar al-Hajar – Yes, this is a real home; Located in Yemen, it was built in the 1930’s for the Imam Yahya. You can actually tour the first 5 floors of this palace, which has been restored for visitors.


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