Sunday, May 6, 2007

May 7, 2007 Newsletter

In BOICE MAIL this week...

"Pic" of the week:

How to tell if your boat is too small. (Verified from as authentic. Picture taken off South Africa.)

Headline Mortgage News:

Mortgage applications inching upward according to this CNNMoney report:

Are “Green Homes” gaining momentum? According to this CNET article, “Green homes appear poised to move from the novelty wing of the housing market to a mainstream product.”

Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI) – This NAR stat is considered a near term market indicator. Read this NAR article and learn about the current “lowest level in four years” figure.

Is business pretty “dead” right now? One mortgage broker used the identities of deceased persons to steal more that $1.2 million. See this short article in Originator Times:

If you are considering a remodel project, you may want to see this CNNMoney article on the “5 dumbest renovation fads”:

Thought for the Week:

"Takers ultimately lose, but givers win forever. This is a rule the universe never breaks."
Douglas M. Lawson

Mobile home of the future? – Will this be how we colonize distant planets in the future? This picture is an internet contest entry. See:

How to keep more of your own paycheck

What's going on with Vonage these days? People who have loved the service are upset that the company may go under. Some say it's highly likely that the company will go bust. Not only is Verizon attacking the company in court, but Vonage has also done a poor job of satisfying customers in recent months. You probably want come up with a back-up plan for when the company shuts down, and you might want o check out Sunrocket has a different business model, whereby you pay for a year up front. It's $199 a year, plus junk fees, and you get unlimited calling. It works out to about $17 a month. The one unknown is how people will port their numbers once Vonage goes bon voyage. The company won't be concerned with helping people port their numbers to another company once they've gone under. So, you probably want to make the switch now. Other VOIP services are Packet8 and Lingo. Check them out.

And now, for this week's fun freebies!

This week it's all about cars...

Automotive Lubricant Samples

Car-pons - Free Automotive Coupons

Free Car Keychain for Survey

Sample of Armour All Glass or Cleaning Wipes

Free National Corvette Museum Magnet

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Free Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

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Sample of Knight Shield Professional Car Care products

Free MagnaFine Auto Air Freshener

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And finally, Appraise That!

I’m guessing the cat is his butler?

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