Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2/20/07 Newsletter

"Pic" of the week:

Parking garage of the future? This is a 20 story storage facility for newly manufactured cars in Wolfsburg, Germany. Read more about it via this link: http://www.snopes.com/photos/automobiles/parkade.asp

Headline Mortgage News:

Home price trends in your area – This CNN Money article compares value trends in 149 markets

Sticker shock – a list of 8 of the most valuable “homes” in America (according to CNN & Zillow)
RealtyTrac article – U.S. Foreclosures Increase 19 Percent in January

Senator says US mortgage lending practices are “Out of Balance”

Inman News: “Builder confidence highest since June ‘06”

MBA Report – Mortgage loan applications up 1.5 % for week ending Jan 9

Thought for the Week:

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”
Mark Twain

The Four Stages of Life:

How to keep more of your own paycheck

The flu has been going around in our neck of the woods lately, so we wanted to share some health and wellness tips with you this week. Always use good judgment when going online to address medical needs. An interesting web site where you can order your own medical tests instead of paying whatever the doctor or hospital charges is www.directlabs.com/index.php There are a number of prescription programs that will save you money as well. To find the Rx program for your state go to http://www.pparx.org/ Low-income seniors who qualify can get the "Eli Lilly" card and really save on their medications. Call 1-877-RX-LILLY. For a $10 fee, Rxaminer will permit users to enter all current prescriptions and returns a list of available generic or other suggested brands for less money. Go to www.rxaminer.com/consult/index.asp

And now, for this week's fun freebies!

Almost free (with rebate) 2 Kingston USB 2.0 Data Traveler 1GB flash drives

Here's a free mouth wash sample:

Click on here and you'll get a coupon for free veggies from Green Giant:

Free skincare samples from Chamonix:

Free sample of Palmer's Cocoa butter formula with vitamin E lotion. Go to "Like Some?"

And finally, Appraise That!
Appraisers need to look at a house from "all possible angles".

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

2/7/07 Newsletter

"Pic" of the week:

North Korea's wacko dictator Kim Jong Il is promising his starving people a giant bunny in every pot.
The government is studying plans to end its food shortage by breeding gigantic rabbits.
Diplomats from the North Korean Embassy in Berlin have approached big bunny breeder Karl Szmolinsky to help "feed the population," the Washington Post reported yesterday.
Kim, a hard-drinking, Elvis-loving communist, has relied on foreign food aid since natural disasters and mismanagement devastated North Korea's economy in the 1990s and led to a famine estimated to have killed 2 million people.
Szmolinsky has been breeding giant rabbits - some more than 20 pounds - since 1967 http://www.nypost.com/seven/02032007/news/worldnews/let_em_eat_bugs_worldnews_dareh_gregorian.htm

Headline Mortgage News:

Has good weather propped up the housing market? Check out the following clip:

"The next threat against the mortgage industry"? MBA urges regulators to avoid invoding "Suitability Standards":

Why is the NAR opposed to "Wal-Mart Bank"?

Best Places to Live - Are these the top 10 "Great American Towns"? (CNN Money.com)

Thought for the Week:

"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." Ralph Waldo Emerson
(February 12-18 is "Random Act of Kindness Week")

How to keep more of your own paycheck

Credit Cards may be signing you up to pay!

Have you heard of "Buyer's Advantage?" Supposedly, it's a marketing program sponsored by certain banks and credit card companies that allows you to get discounts on merchandise. But that is a bunch of hooey. It's really an excuse for companies to remove money from their customer's accounts. Chase and Bank of America are soliciting for Buyer's Advantage and it's one of the worst schemes out there. The banks will send you a $10 check or "account credit" that signs you up for Buyer's Advantage. The problem is that when you sign and cash the check or take the credit, you are agreeing to pay an annual fee of $150 for nothing. The money is usually a small monthly deduction from checking accounts, and people just don't notice it. So, check your statements and if you see something questionable, dispute it right away!

Book lovers save money

I just discovered http://www.booksfree.com/ . They have an entire inventory of mass market paperbacks you can borrow for free by paying a monthly fee for shipping and handling of $6.99, which is less than the cost of one book. They'll ship you two books at a time. When you're done reading both (no due dates, no late fees ), return them in the pre-paid mailer they came in. Automatically you will receive the next two books on your reading list. It's just like Netflix, but for books!

And now, for this week's fun freebies!


Free flash memory card (with rebate) Connect 3D 512MB Secure Digital Card

TUMS sample

And finally, a new feature in Boice Mail: Appraise That!

A "Whomping Willow" in Asia?

Saturday, February 3, 2007

2/1/07 Newsletter

In BOICE MAIL this week...
"Pic" of the week:

TOKYO, Japan (Reuters) -- A species of shark rarely seen alive because its natural habitat is about 2,000 feet under the sea was captured on film by staff at a Japanese marine park this week. http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/science/01/24/shark.japan.reut/index.html

Headline Mortgage News:

Mortgage Bankers Association has released its economic forcasts for the next three years. Read a summary here:

More than 1.2 million foreclosures reported in 2006

Builder confidence continues to improve in January

Spammers back from a holiday break

Condo prices reveal housing trends (CNN Money.com)

Thought for the Week:

"Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure that there is one rascal less in the world" Thomas Carlyle

How to keep more of your own paycheck

Why extended warranties are a rip

Consumer Reports' latest edition is all about what a waste of money extended warranties are. Every dollar you pay for an extended warranty, you're really only getting about 15 or 20 cents on it. Why is that? First of all, the quality of electronics and appliances is so good these days that the chance of them breaking is miniscule. Secondly, if something does happen, it will probably be after the warranty runs out. In addition, although the products are high quality, they will lose value with each year you own them. And you never want to insure a rapidly decreasing product. Also keep in mind that when you buy an item on a major credit card, you usually extend the manufacturer's warranty by one year. So, extended warranties and service contracts simply aren't worth it.

Jellyfish.com could save you dough

The latest invention to save you money online is called Jellyfish.com. It's a comparison shopping site like the others, but Jellyfish also gives you a direct discount off your purchase. Usually it's about two percent. What you need to remember is that no site will always have the best deal, so you should always shop arround.

And now, for this week's fun freebies!


Free movie from Movie Gallery

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